Meet the crew


The 2013 volunteer PIMF crew (from left): Eva Walsh, Jon Dorn, Steve McEwen, Andrew Carleen, Scott McEwen, Harrison Quinn, Erin McEwen, Alex Dorn, Melanie Dorn.

The PIMF is produced and staffed by an all-volunteer crew from Brewster Productions. This festival (along with its earlier iterations) and the Acoustic Nights Summer Concert Series have been our passion projects since we started Brewster Productions in 2007, and we work year-round to put the festival together. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it once the PIMF weekend arrives.

Here are your friendly neighborhood PIMF-ers:

Scott McEwen, Jon Dorn, and Andrew Carleen – owners of Brewster Productions, event producers, sound guys, photographers, stage managers, high-volume pizza-eaters.

Harrison Quinn, Alex Dorn, Melanie Dorn, Erin McEwen, Steve McEwen, Eva Walsh – roadies, event staff, indispensable help-with-anything people.